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Online Bingo Guide

Before delving deeper into this matter, it is just fair to note what online bingo means. It is used to describe the games that involve probabilities and the marking of numbers. A winning player is the one whose marked numbers match the randomly marked numbers.

Online bingo is something that is quite interesting to gamblers or those yearning to be ones. It can be used as time-passer or a money-making activity. Either way, the gamblers get to have a good time after all. To become a successful online bingo player, it involves a little bit of luck sometimes which has to be combined with thorough research that has to be done by the player.

Who plays online bingo?

By the way, it is a rule that one has to be over 18 years of age in order to start practicing online bingo. This rule does not only apply to bingo players but all the online gambling that takes place on a daily basis.

Which online bingo site suits the player?

After identifying that the age factor is what might limit some players from playing online bingo games, the next thing that a qualified player ought to do is to look for an online bingo that best suits them. What they might have to look for is probably if the bingo supports mobile gaming, the number of games that are available, the number of banking options that are there and so much more.

Top online bingos offer most of the said options. Bingos such as bet365 bingo, sky bingo, 888 bingo, Betfair bingo, and William hill bingo are some of the leading online bingos that one can never regret when they register their selves with them.

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As soon as the player identifies the online bingo that meets his/her needs, the next thing to do is to register oneself. This is a pretty straight forward process that needs no much on an introduction. Surprisingly, some of the online bingos can award players with up to €10 as the free bonus, for just completing the registration process.

Choice of bingo games

The top leading online bingos in the UK and the world have partnered with the leading software game developers in the world such as Playtech bingo and Aberrant software. These two develop 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, 40-ball bingo, and 35-ball bingo games. The player is spoilt of choice since most games they find have equal chances of winning them some good money. Though there are some that have different prizes, there are others that have only one huge prize to be won.
The real games that are there include Rainbow riches, Pappy Paws, Zodiac king, Viking voyage, Maui madness among others. This list comprises of slot machines as well as bingo games. This tells the players that they can also play casino games in an online bingo of their choice.

Bingo bonuses

There are several bingo bonuses which players stand the chance to benefit from some of these bonuses are:

No Deposit Bonus

It is very rare to find a player neglecting such a sweet offer. It is one of the best offers that anyone can get. Unfortunately, not all the online bingos that are currently up and running have this type of bonus ready for their clients. Only the selected few are able to do that. Those few include snappy bingo, swanky bingo, Gala bingo, and Newbies bingo. When the new players join any of these bingos, they are awarded some money for free. This is like some token of appreciation and whatever they get depends on the bingo the players have registered with. For instance, a Newbie gets to enjoy €15 for free while a Gala bingo player is awarded €10 as a sign of appreciation for joining the Gala bingo fraternity. This offer is one of the welcome packages that are there.

Welcome Deposit Bonus

If there is an offer that rarely lacks in any of the online bingos, then it is this one. Even the newest online bingos in the market do offer this amazing offer to their clients. So, what happens is that whenever a player (new member) makes their first deposit after completing the registration process, they get a chance to see their funds doubled or tripled. However, the amount of bonus to be awarded also depends on the bingo that was chosen by the player. To demonstrate this, two players from two different bingos would be taken as a sample. Assuming the first player signs up with Swanky bingo and then makes his/her first deposit of €10, the figure could shoot up to 500%. This means that at the end of the day, the player would have €60 in total that he/she can decide to play with in their first bingo play.

The second player registers himself/herself with sky bingo and proceeds to make a deposit of €10. The money will be increased by 300% so that at the end of it all, the player’s account will end up with €40. These two bingos rooms have different rates. That is what can be concluded from the above examples.

Reload bonus

The first two types of bonuses seem to favour the newbies (new players) very much more than the veterans or loyal players. This third example of bonus is the one which actually tends to take care of the forgotten few. How this works is by ensuring that no veteran player who make consecutive deposits and consecutive losses, ends up being frustrated as it does not allow that to happen. It tackles this issue by making sure that the mentioned type of players gets compensated with something small to boost their morale. For example, if a player has been losing for the past 3 days and has been making deposits within those 3 days, the bingo offering this offer adds all the amount of funds lost. Once it gets the figures, it then awards the player a certain percentage of that lost fund.

The percentage though is not that big. It barely exceeds 20% in most cases. Hence, if a player lost say €300 cumulatively, an online bingo such as bet365 or wink bingo, may take 10% of that and then decides to top up the player’s account with it. That will be €30.

The Other (miscellaneous) Bonuses

Then there is a huge list of other kinds of bonuses being offered by online bingos. These offers vary from one bingo to another unlike the first three kinds of bonuses that were mentioned earlier which by the way are very common among the online bingo rooms.

The €1k daily chase bingo

This is a promotion that is currently active in Gala bingo room. The promotion tends to benefit those who play at night. What is expected of the players is to win 6 free tickets to 1k daily chase bingo game and then join chaser. There are terms and conditions surrounding this promotion and so, therefore, the players ought to take a close look at them first before proceeding with the offer.

The Rush Hours
William Hill bingo also has another kind of promotion called rush hours. What happens here is that a player is supposed to be in the speed room between 8 and 9 in the morning, 12 noon to 1 pm, and 5 to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. By doing that, they stand a chance of winning a share of €2250.

Progressive Jackpots

Most if not all of the online bingo rooms have this kind of offer for their players. The common jackpots include the ultra-progressive jackpot, nitro jackpot, wild wheel jackpot, puppy paw jackpots, and so much more. The price value for all of the mentioned jackpots varies from one another. There are those that have higher values than the others. For example, the ultra-progressive jackpot has a very high value than puppy paw jackpot.

Refer a friend bonus

There is this bonus whereby a player gets some bonuses when he/she refers friends to join the bingo rooms. The player is given a link to share with his family or friends on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Instagram. When the friends visit those links, then register their selves with the directed bingo room, it then makes it easier for the referee to get some funds since the next and the last step to be done by the new member is to make a deposit. That is the time when the referee will get the bonus. Besides the loyal player getting the bonus, the new players also get the ‘no deposit bonus’ and the welcome deposit bonus at the same time. This is a win-win situation for both players.

Bingo Promotions

For people who are mad about bingos, wait till you hear about the bingo promotions which are available every day and every week for both new and returning players. Players can claim the bonuses after each game and stand the chance of benefitting from the promotions which most of the online bingos have on offer.
Most online bingos have a selection of offers and promo codes which players benefit from on a monthly basis as well when players join the website as they can experience a wide range of promotions, incentives and exclusive giveaways.

The kind of promotions that are offered in bingo games vary from one bingo to another. Even then, there are promotions that are almost present in all the online bingos. For instance, the welcome deposit package rarely misses out in all the bingos. Then there are some that are very specific to some bingos.

The promotions could be ‘get €20 by referring a friend’ which is taken to mean the ‘refer a friend’ bonus. The other one could read ‘ get €40 by just depositing €10’. It is taken to describe what the welcome deposit bonus looks like. Also, a promotion or offer could be written this way ‘ free bonus of €10, no deposit required’. It is meant to tell the players that when they register with them, they are entitled to €10 as soon as they successfully complete the registration process.

It is very interesting to hear that there are some bingos that award their players some funds or free plays when they register via their smart phones. This is an offer that most mobile phone players get to benefit from. However, the only task, which is a small one, is that the players might have to download the app into their smart phones. The task is even easier when the phone is an iPhone or an iPad since the app can be downloaded from the iTunes store by a single click. Android users might have to download the app through other means since that is not possible through Google play store dues to the stern rules that this world’s best tech firm has laid aside to prevent the publishing of gambling apps. They (android users) should not worry though, because the app can be downloaded by following a link that is provided there in the bingo’s website.

Jackpots are promotions that are also offered by the leading online bingos. The jackpots could be Ultra progressive, Nitro progressive, wild wheel jackpots, and pappy paws jackpots. There are so many of them but the ones that have been mentioned here do have quite an interesting amount of money to be won. The prize range for these jackpots at the minimum could be say €50,000 and at the maximum €300,000. These figures are really huge and if won, the players get to live a very different life from before.

There are VIP promotions that also tend to reward the players accordingly, though not through money. The prizes to this could be a car or a great house to be won or any other prize that is intangible.

Popular Online Bingos

Online Bingos have come to stay and there are numerous options for players which have been developed over time. These online bingo games have been developed by different software companies who also have tons of games which are available on their platform and which players can also enjoy. Some of these are:

Bella Bingo games

Bella Bingo used Aberrant software limited to develop and supply it with a wide range of games for its large base of customers to choose from. There are plenty of games to be chosen from by the players. The games could be 75-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo, Table games, scratch cards, instant keno, video poker, slot games, and so much more. All these are available or can be seen by those who log into the website of Bella Bingo. Some of the slot machines that one can find include Mucho Moolah, Casino King, Viking Voyage, Zodiac revolution, Hi-Lo Hotel (Hilo), Pappy Paws, Maui Madness and so much more. The ones that have been mentioned here are either still new or are popular to the many players.

Then, there are Jackpots which are currently active. Among them are Wild Wheel, Hyper Jackpot, Aberrant Nitro Jackpot, and Aberrant Ultra Progressive. All of these Jackpots have their own different value. However, all values have or are being displayed using the Swedish currency, i.e. Swedish Krona.

Bet365 bingo games
Bet365 is one of the most popular online websites and it’s not a surprise that they’re also in the bingo games industry. Most of the bingo games that are found on the website of bet365 have been developed by the Playtech bingo. This is one of the leading software firms in the world that develops software games to very many clients that it has. It has its headquarters in the Isle of the Man.

The many games that one will find when visiting the bingo website of bet365 includes The catwalk, Fame and Fortune hunter, Rainbow Riches Bingo, The fabric 4, a night on town, the press room, DOND bingo, Smash the Pig, Unicorn Bliss, Big bad wolf, Lucky numbers bingo, and so much more. Some of the games mentioned here fall under the SPECIALS category while others fall in the 75, 80, or 90-ball bingo.

Betfair bingo games
Just like Bet365, Betfair is also a household name when it comes to online games and betting and they have several bingo and casino games that are present on their website. The players have so many options to choose from and can either go with 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, or 40-ball bingo. The slot machines include Catwalk, Little Britain; Britain’s Got Talent Superstar, Sinbad’s Golden Voyage, Dynamite Digger, Fruit and Veg, Full Moon Fortunes, and Innocence of Temptations. The jackpot games include Chests of Plenty, George and The Dragon, Pirate Plunder, Snow Queen’s Magic, and Mafia Millions.

Blue1 bingo games

First of all, Blue1 relies heavily on Aberrant software firm to develop software games for it. Without this Canadian firm, Blue1 bingo would be reduced to almost zero. So, kudos to Aberrant software. The IT firm develops software games that are quite good to play. Some are casino games while others are just bingo games. For instance, a Blue1 player can expect to find games such as 75-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo, scratch cards, slot machines, video poker, and table games. From these categories, there are some games which are more popular than others, especially slot machine games which by the way are casino games. The ones that are frequently played or are popular include Mucho Moolah, Viking voyage, and Pappy Paws. The others are Uno, Bazinga, Golden star, Pharaoh’s fortune, Silver moon, Party keno, Zoo zillions, Dan, Variant, Forbidden City, Luck of the Irish, Tango Mango, 1001, and Gold rush.

Also, it is worth mentioning that they have noteworthy jackpot features. This online bingo room has some jackpots such as the Wild wheel, Pappy Paws, Aberrant Ultra Progressive, and Aberrant Nitro jackpot. Even though their values are displayed in Swedish Krona, they have different values whereby Pappy Paws jackpot is valued the most and Wild wheel being the one with the least value.

Costa bingo games
There are several categories of bingo games in Costa bingo. Some of them are 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, bingo Vegas and while some others are bingo jackpots. Unfortunately, one can only view these games once he/she logs in to the account. Otherwise, he/she is requested to sign up first in order to get exclusive access to those games.

But the games that are there are the likes of rainbow riches bingo, Deal or No Deal (DOND), Jack and the Beanstalk, Zuma slots, and Lucky numbers. The other games are not bingo-like but are either slot machines or casino games. There is a slot machine called Deal or No Deal European Roulette that is present in this website.

Gala bingo games
In Gala Bingo, there are numerous games which have also fall into the category of 90-ball bingo, while others fall into the categories of 75-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, specials, 40-ball bingo, and 50-ball bingo. For instance, Coronation Street bingo, breakfast club, the chase bingo, and deal or no deal (DOND) bingo are examples of the 90-ball bingo games. Others are Interstate 75, DOND bingo 75, 1980, Big banker bingo, Rainbow riches bingo, and coconut island.
Apart from bingo games, Gala bingo also has slot machines or casino games. A few of these games are Balloonies Farm, Golden Jungle, WOZ Road to The Emerald City, King of Atlantis, Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, and Legends of the Pharaohs.

Mamut Bingo Games

There are several games present in Mamut that were developed by Aberrant Software Limited. This tech firm is based in Ontario, Canada. It has been developing software games to its clients Bella Bingo, Piggy Bingo, and Mamut Bingo. Most of the games which we have here are either bingo games or casino games which are very common amongst the large companies. The Bingo games which they offer have been categorised into the following: 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, and SPECIALS; where the casino games are Slots Machines, Video Poker, and Table Games.

The bingo games are Bazinga, Uon, Variant, Spin, Dan, Freja, Saga, and so much more. Casino games include Aces and Faces, Hi-Lo, Jacks or Better, Pumpkin Patch Payoff, Rock and Roll, Ultra-Aces and Faces, Zoo Zillions among others.

Also, there are jackpot games and these games are Pappy Paws, Aquatic Adventure, Mucho Moolah, Pumpkin Patch Payoff, and Tattoo Treasures. All the figures for these games have been displayed in the Swedish currency; unlike in piggy bingo which does the same in Euros.

The Bingo games

Paddy Power bosses around with the very many bingo games that it has. A few of the online bingo site can compete with it in terms of the number of bingo games that each one of them has. Most of the bingo games that are found here are either 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, 40-ball bingo, or 36-ball bingo. What constitutes most of the games on this site are the 80 and 90-ball bingo games. The rest of the games are ‘others’.

What most professional bingo players would like to hear about is probably the presence of the following games: Deal or No Deal (DOND) bingo, Gold Room, Diamond room, Lucky Numbers bingo, Rainbow riches bingo, crystal room bingo, and a few more.

Though most of the games that are found on the Paddy Power website are bingo games, there are also others games. Those games are slot machines, casino games, or scratch tickets. Slot machines include Britain’s got talent superstar, snow queen’s magic, full moon fortunes SA, and fluffy favourites.

Piggy bingo games

The Aberrant Software Company is the main supplier or developer of Piggy games, it has developed so many awesome games for the players to choose from. The list of the games is endless. Some of the games, in general, that a player expects to see in the Piggy bingo website are the likes of Bazinga, Uno, Saga, Freja, Viking voyage, Pappy paws and so much more. Of these, some are casino games while others are variant games. Video poker, slot machines, and the table games are casino games that one can get when he/she clicks on the casino tab or menu on the website of this bingo. For instance, the most played slot machines are Mucho Moolah, Viking voyage, and Pappy Paws.

Also, there are some few active jackpots to be won by any Piggy bingo player. They are the same to those of Bella bingo. They are Hyper Jackpot, Aberrant Ultra Progressive, Wild wheel, and Aberrant Nitro Jackpot. The only differences with these jackpots from both sides are that the values for the jackpots of Bella bingo are displayed in different currencies. While Bella bingo displays the jackpots values in Swedish Krona, Piggy does the same in but in Euros. In fact, Piggy bingo displays almost all its value currencies in Euros while its counterpart does the same in the Swedish Krona.

Sky bingo games
Sky as a company wouldn’t want to be left out from all the fun in the online bingo world. With this in mind, they also decided to get into the industry and like many other bingo rooms, their games have also been categorised as follows: 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, 40-ball bingo, and 35-ball bingo. Although some of them also have casino games apart from having the mentioned bingo games. It is the same case here. Sky bingo has both the casino and bingo games. The bingo games are tipping point bingo, rainbow riches bingo, sky pennies, deal or no deal bingo, and cash cubes bingo.

The slot machines are imperial destiny, Amazon wild, wild gambler; arctic adventure, Britain’s got talent superstar, cash bang wallop, cash cubes slots, celebrity big brothers, and Centurion; maximum winnus. The jackpot games are DOND quick scratch, DOND the banker’s riches, celebrity big brother, and, George & the dragon.

Ted bingo games
Ted bingo is composed of so many bingo games. But, despite that, there are casino games too, which by the way are so many. It is powered by Dragonfish. Some of the bingo games that were developed by this tech firm are Linked and Loaded –75, Speed Bingo, Bronze Freebie, X- Multiplier, Moonalicoius, Sweet Wins, Silver Freebie, Penny Express, Gimme More, among others. This is the mixture of 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, and 40-ball bingo.

The slot machines include Wild Wild West, wish upon a jackpot, gods of gold, rainbow riches; reels of gold, Hercules; high & mighty, Kingdom of cash jackpot, riding hood riches, pyramid; quest for immortality, Deal or No Deal; European Roulette, and so much more. Jackpot games are a nightmare on elm street, once upon a dime, saved by the bells, shopping spree jackpot, white wizard, Irish luck, to mention but a few.

William Hill Bingo Games
William Hill bingo games have been developed by Playtech bingo. The games are so many that one (player) might be spoilt for choice. The games are either 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, specials, multi-variant, bingo jackpots, 75-ball bingo, and/or slot machines. A mixture of the games is Deal or NO Deal (DOND) bingo, Rainbow Riches bingo, Time out Tavern, Stars and stripes, lucky numbers bingo, speed bingo, and so much more.

888 bingo games
Here, the games have been entirely developed by both Dragonfish and internally (888). Both these firms opted to develop games that are of high standards and are widely accepted across the world. The games are either 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, slot machines, casino games, or High 5 bingo.
One cannot easily tell the games that are there in 888 bingo not unless he/she logs in to his/her 888-bingo account. Those are the rules that this bingo site made to all those visiting its website.

888 ladies bingo games
The games that this bingo offers are plenty. It is hard for the players to exhaust them in a few hours. While most of the games are bingo games, there are casino and slot games too. Bingo games are categorised into the 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, 5-line bingo, and flash fives bingo. All of them have an endless number of games. Just a sneak preview of what the players might see when they log into their accounts and want to play them. They will find ‘Engaged ladies’, Top of the Shop, Pink Cadillac, Tick Tock, and Ladies First. The slot machines include but not limited to the following: Wonder Woman gold, jungle spirit; the call of the wild, Casper’s mystery mirror, saved by the bells JP, and Tornado; farm escape. All these bingo games were developed and distributed to 888 ladies bingo by Dragonfish, one of the leading software games developers in the modern world.

Bingo Chat Rooms

Bingo chat rooms are also available on these websites as they make the game more interactive and interesting for players. Here, you can get player-to-player conversation is possible and player-to-moderator conversation where you can exchange ideas, tips and experiences which enriches the entire user experience, taking it to a whole new level. Players are not restricted to chatting about games, as you can chat about many other things such as family, work, and other sorts of topics that are interesting.

Accepted payment gateways

There are various accepted gateways online. However, certain websites have a preference for one over the other. Nevertheless, there are some very common gateways which many of these online bingos utilise to ensure that players from all over the world are covered and have no issues with withdrawing money when they win such as Skrill (Money bookers), Neteller, Visa, Mastercard, Entropay, and Bank transfer.

Safety and Security

In order to protect the safety and security of players, these online bingos have had to incorporate the SSL technology to ensure that sensitive data and information remains encrypted during any and every transaction that each player makes – from deposits to withdrawals every time on the website.

Mobile version

Many online bingos can be easily accessed on mobile phones as some have developed apps just for the sake of making it very fast to play the games. Some of these apps are available on the Apple App Store and Androids App Store as well. Furthermore, they have been designed to be very responsive and makes navigation easy for players and making the gaming experience all the more enjoyable.

For example, one of the top online bingos which is available on mobile devices is Sky bingo which has made sure that its players experience is one that’s unforgettable. Also, they made sure that it is easy to download the relevant apps with ease.