Different types of bingo bonuses

Different types of bingo bonuses

Most bingo sites offer one or another form of bonus to users in order to attract and hold on to as many customers as they can.  Some of the bonuses offered by them include but are not limited to the following:

Welcome deposit bonus

This is the kind of offer that benefits new members. This typically mean that a new member insert a small deposit that in turn get’s multiplied with a certain percentage. What they get in return could be up to 200% on of what they have deposited. This though, is dependent on the bingo site that the players register himself/herself with. This offer is known to work magics more than the other bonuses.

No deposit bonuses

This definetly is what you could call a great deal, as no money is involved – atleast not from the user. The promo is what most top online bingos have adopted apart from the ‘welcome deposit bonus’. How this promo awards its players is very simple, it does that by awarding the new players a certain amount of funds as soon as they finish registering their selves with those bingo sites. Examples of bingos which do that are Newbies bingo, good day bingo, swanky bingo, Betfair arcade, and gala bingo.

Reload bonus

While the first two kinds of bonuses mentioned above are eligible to new bingo players only, this promotion is applicable to all the members of any particular bingo site offering such a promo. In fact, it tends to benefit veteran players the most.
The players which qualify for the awards are those that have made consecutive deposits prior the announcement of the promo. Though they will get a bonus, it is not always the exact amount to what they had earlier on deposit. Bingos usally award players a certain percentage of the deposit amounts the players has made in the past. It rarely exceeds 20% of the total amount deposited.

Other Bingo bonuses

One could be asking oneself, what are these other bonuses? That is right. Apart from the three mentioned bonuses, there are several other bonuses that are hidden in most online bingos. Indeed, they are numerous. This is why they are called miscellaneous bonuses at times. For instance, a player can get an award or a bonus just by refering a friend.
Surprisingly, there are some sites that offer their clients some bonuses when they log into their accounts every day. Isn’t that amazing? Others might opt to offer their players an extra ticket when the same players purchase a ticket each. However, there are only a couple of the leading bingo providers online that offer such a bonus. That is as of right now at least.