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Only the top leading online bingos are the ones which are capable of pulling such a wonderful string. They do this in the best interest of their clients/players. Lots and lots of different kinds of bonuses are offered by them every day, week, or month. Since they are many, it is just right to mention some of them. They include:

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No deposit bonus

It is very rare to find a player neglecting such a sweet offer. It is one of the best offers that anyone can get. Unfortunately, not all the online bingos that are currently up and running have this type of bonus ready for their clients. Only the selected few are able to do that. Those few include snappy bingo, swanky bingo, Gala bingo, and Newbies bingo. When the new players join any of these bingos, they are awarded some money for free. This is like some token of appreciation and whatever they get depends on the bingo the players have registered with. For instance, a Newbie gets to enjoy €15 for free while a Gala bingo player is awarded €10 as a sign of appreciation for joining the Gala bingo fraternity. This offer is one of the welcome packages that are there.

Welcome deposit bonus

If there is an offer that rarely lacks in any of the online bingos, then it is this one. Even the newest online bingos in the market do offer this amazing offer to their clients. So, what happens is that whenever a player (new member) makes their first deposit after completing the registration process, they get a chance to see their funds doubled or tripled. However, the amount of bonus to be awarded also depends on the bingo that was chosen by the player. To demonstrate this, two players from two different bingos would be taken as a sample. Assuming the first player signs up with Swanky bingo and then makes his/her first deposit of €10, the figure could shoot up to 500%. This means that at the end of the day, the player would have €60 in total that he/she can decide to play with in their first bingo play.
The second player registers himself/herself with sky bingo and proceeds to make a deposit of €10. The money will be increased by 300% so that at the end of it all, the player’s account will end up with €40. These two bingos rooms have different rates. That is what can be concluded from the above examples.

Reload bonus

The first two types of bonuses seem to favour the newbies (new players) very much more than the veterans or loyal players. This third example of bonus is the one which actually tends to take care of the forgotten few. How this works is by ensuring that no veteran player who make consecutive deposits and consecutive losses, ends up being frustrated as it does not allow that to happen. It tackles this issue by making sure that the mentioned type of players gets compensated with something small to boost their morale. For example, if a player has been losing for the past 3 days and has been making deposits within those 3 days, the bingo offering this offer adds all the amount of funds lost. Once it gets the figures, it then awards the player a certain percentage of that lost fund. The percentage though is not that big. It barely exceeds 20% in most cases. Hence, if a player lost say €300 cumulatively, an online bingo such as bet365 or wink bingo, may take 10% of that and then decides to top up the player’s account with it. That will be €30.

The other (miscellaneous) bonuses

Then there is a huge list of other kinds of bonuses being offered by online bingos. These offers vary from one bingo to another unlike the first three kinds of bonuses that were mentioned earlier which by the way are very common among the online bingo rooms.
The €1k daily chase bingo
This is a promotion that is currently active in Gala bingo room. The promotion tends to benefit those who play at night. What is expected of the players is to win 6 free tickets to 1k daily chase bingo game and then join chaser. There are terms and conditions surrounding this promotion and so, therefore, the players ought to take a close look at them first before proceeding with the offer.

The bingo rush hours

William Hill bingo also has another kind of promotion called rush hours. What happens here is that a player is supposed to be in the speed room between 8 and 9 in the morning, 12 noon to 1 pm, and 5 to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. By doing that, they stand a chance of winning a share of €2250.
Progressive jackpots
Most if not all of the online bingo rooms have this kind of offer for their players. The common jackpots include the ultra-progressive jackpot, nitro jackpot, wild wheel jackpot, puppy paw jackpots, and so much more. The price value for all of the mentioned jackpots varies from one another. There are those that have higher values than the others. For example, the ultra-progressive jackpot has a very high value than puppy paw jackpot.

Refer a friend bonus

There is this bonus whereby a player gets some bonuses when he/she refers friends to join the bingo rooms. The player is given a link to share with his family or friends on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Instagram. When the friends visit those links, then register their selves with the directed bingo room, it then makes it easier for the referee to get some funds since the next and the last step to be done by the new member is to make a deposit. That is the time when the referee will get the bonus. Besides the loyal player getting the bonus, the new players also get the ‘no deposit bonus’ and the welcome deposit bonus at the same time. This is a win-win situation for both players.