Bingo deposit bonus

Bingo deposit bonus

If there is something that most players, whether beginners or pros would like to hear about their favourite online bingos is the news of the bingo deposit bonuses. There is more than one type of deposit bonus and some bonuses are meant to impress the new members while others are meant to reward the loyal customers/players. Though, in most cases, the leading online bingos would focus more of their attentions to the new players and less the veteran players. The kinds of bonuses that exist in such bingos are ‘welcome deposit bonuses’, no deposit bonus, and reload bonus.

Reload bonus

The offer is mainly directed to those players who might have made previous consecutive deposits and might have lost most of the games they have been playing since that time. So, basically, this offer suits the loyal players and less of the new players. Reload bonus also has its limits to whom should be awarded the bonus and by how much. Obviously, the amount to be awarded is a small percentage of the total funds that were deposited by the lucky player.

First deposit bonus

Even from the look of things, any player or reader of this article could easily deduce who would be the beneficiary of this offer. It is so obvious. The newly registered members are meant to benefit from such an offer. The lucky players are asked to deposit a certain amount of fund into their bingo accounts. From there, the bingo site would proceed to award them a certain percentage based on what the players deposited. Since the online bingos operate separately, they are the ones that decide on what percentage to be given to the players. Some might give them 50% while others 100%, 200%, or even 300%. Even though this might be the case, there are wagering requirements accompany them. The smaller the percentage, then the smaller the wagering requirements and vice-versa. Hence, the players are urged to take their take and look through the terms and conditions very keenly as this might hinder them from doing other things in the near future.

No deposit bonus

Wow! Imagine such kinds of offers do exist. It is not a prank. Neither is it a scam. Yes, the players can get awarded some funds by just registering with the online bingos offering such an award. The funds to be awarded could be less yes. But, it is not always easy to find an online bingo that does such a generous thing for its players. In fact, the count of the bingo sites with such an offer is so negligible. They do not exceed 10 or 20, probably. To mention some of them, they are gala bingo, lucky ladies bingo, swanky bingo, and newbies bingo.

Unfortunately, these funds obtained through this kind of bonus can never be withdrawn. Nonetheless, they can be used to play some of the bingo games in order to gain more funds which can then be withdrawn. As simple as that!