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Bingo Promotions Explained

Bingo Promotions Explained

Who in the gambling world does not like the sound of bonuses and promotions? If there are, then they could be one in a million. Since most bingo sites realised that players can be lured into signing up with them through promotions, they took full advantage of that. Not in a bad way, but a good one. The kind of promotions that are offered in bingo games vary from one bingo to another. Even then, there are promotions that are almost present in all the online bingos. For instance, the welcome deposit package rarely misses out in all the bingos. Then there are some that are very specific to some bingos.

The promotions could be ‘get €20 by referring a friend’ which is taken to mean the ‘refer a friend’ bonus. The other one could read ‘ get €40 by just depositing €10’. It is taken to describe what the welcome deposit bonus looks like. Also, a promotion or offer could be written this way ‘ free bonus of €10, no deposit required’. It is meant to tell the players that when they register their selves with them, they are entitled to €10 as soon as they successfully complete the registration process.
It is very interesting to hear that there are some bingos that award their players some funds or free plays when they register via theIR smart phones. This is an offer that most mobile phone players get to benefit from. However, the only task, which is a small one is that the players might have to download the app into their smart phones. The task is even easier when the phone is an iPhone or an iPad since the app can be downloaded from the iTunes store by a single click. Android users might have to download the app through other means since that is not possible through Google play store dues to the stern rules that this world’s best tech firm has laid aside to prevent the publishing of gambling apps. They (android users) should not worry though, because the app can be downloaded by following a link that is provided there in the bingo’s website.

Jackpots are promotions that are also offered by the leading online bingos. The jackpots could be Ultra progressive, Nitro progressive, wild wheel jackpots, and pappy paws jackpots. There are so many of them but the ones that have been mentioned here do have quite an interesting amount of money to be won. The prize range for these jackpots at the minimum could be say €50,000 and at the maximum €300,000. These figures are really huge and if won, the players get to live a very different life from before.

There are VIP promotions that also tend to reward the players accordingly, though not through money. The prizes to this could be a car or a great house to be won or any other prize that is intangible.