Different Types of Online Bingo

Different Types of Online Bingo

The fantastic thing about online bingo is the variety which exists and can allow players have loads of fun which makes it really exciting to play. What these different online bingos do is that they offer players the opportunity to win in many different ways and are not so difficult. Some of the online bingo games are:

30-ball bingo

This is one of the most popular online bingos and in this bingo, players stand the chance of winning a lot. The cards are much smaller when compared to others. Also, these cards have been lined up horizontally in rows and columns of three. What this means is that players only have the chance to mark off nine numbers altogether and it looks like this

75-ball bingo

75 ball-bingo is another type of online bingo which has its variety and is also very popular. The system is very similar to other bingo games but it also has its major difference too which can be seen in the various different patterns which players have to complete such as Double Line, X and Blackout.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

If anyone knows the popular TV show, then this bingo will definitely ring bells. This bingo is named after the popular TV show ‘Deal or No Deal’ and is particularly similar to the 90-ball bingo in that the cards in this bingo are made up of 3 rows with five numbers which have nine columns. What makes this bingo different is that players must pick a numbered box at the inception of the game and instead of three prizes; players stand the chance of winning four prizes. Also, players get rewarded for one line, two lines and a full house – including the Deal or No Deal feature.

Joker Bingo

It’s not a joke, really you have a bingo called Joker Bingo. Unlike other bingos, 70-ball, 30-ball etc. which have grids, the joker bingo is different because it has playing cards instead of numbers which are called and players need to pay attention to. In this bingo, there are also two different kinds of prizes which can be won – one for the players who calls out BINGO for the letter ‘J’and for the other player who covers all their cards.

80-ball bingo

In this bingo, players have to look out for colours – red, white, blue and yellow as when the numbers are called out, the colours will also be shown. For some of the 80-ball bingo games, players can win by completing one to three lines and definitely the full house too.

90-ball bingo

Just like the other online bingos, players need to look out for the numbers from 1 through 90. What happens in this bingo is that patterns also have to be completed by players which are predetermined before the game starts to ensure that players win. Some of the patterns which players need to complete are the one line bingo, two line bingo and the full house.