Mobile bingo

Mobile bingo

It is always a good feeling when a player hears that his/her favourite online bingo site does support mobile gaming. Well, that is true. But, it is not all online bingos that are currently active do that – only the best does that. By the way, they are very few. They include the following:

Sky bingo

This is an awesome bingo in that it provides its players with two options of playing the games using their mobile phones. The first option is by visiting the mobile version of the sky bingo website. Since the website is responsive, it automatically detects the mobile device that is being used to access it and then readjusts itself in order to fit the screen of that mobile device. The second alternative is to download the app from the respective play stores. However, the app cannot be downloaded from the Google’s Play store since this tech firm restricts any publishing of such apps in the store. The best thing that an Android user can do is to follow a certain link using the mobile phone so that he/she can download the app from there. Otherwise, iPhone and iPad users can download the app from iTunes app store using their account details.

Bet365 bingo

Bet365 bingo made the player’s task easier with the introduction of the mobile app by the main gambling firm – bet365, which is what players from all over the world are thankful for. The app enables them to play so many bingo games that are there in their favourite online bingo room. Even though the number of games that can be played in the online bingo is not more than the ones that can be played in laptops or desktop applications, the number is still large. The players will have to download the app from the respective app store so that they can play the games using them. iPad and iPhone users can simply download the app from the iTunes app store- a repository of iOS apps. For those who are using Android devices, it might be a bit tricky for them since they cannot get the app from their main app store – Google Play Store, because of the store rules which restrict publishing of gambling apps. But, there is a way in which they can still get the app. They are required to visit the website of bet365 and then follow a link which will help them download the app. This is the only convenient way for them to download the app.
Besides the mobile app, there is another way in which the players could still play their favourite games. All that they need to do is to simply access the bet365 website from their phones using the mobile browsers. When they do that, the website automatically readjusts itself to fit the mobile phone screens. This is possible because it was designed in such a way that it could cater for all the computing devices that are used to access it.

William Hill mobile bingo

The other excellent mobile bingo to be considered is William Hill. The bingo in itself is the child of the main gambling site; William Hill. The gambling site is a close competitor of bet365. It has as many features as bet365, as the two sites share at least one thing in common. They both have bingo rooms on their website as part of the whole gambling site. This, therefore, means that when a player logs in to either of the accounts, he/she is able to access everything that is there to be accessed with the inclusion of the bingo part of it. It is very rare to find online bingo rooms that have these abilities. The bigger ones are the only online bingo rooms with such abilities.

Now, since it has been established that it is possible to access the bingo part of the entire William Hill website, the next thing to do is probably to download the app and install it on the players’ mobile devices. The app is very simple to download especially if the mobile device is the one which runs on the iOS platforms. iPad and iPhone users are able to download the app from iTunes store. Android users have to download the app using the link that is provided on the website. Or better still, they can enter the code that they are provided with so that the app can be downloaded directly into their phones.
If the players do not like using the app, and yet they want to play bingo games using their phones, it is possible for them to do that. They can simply access William Hill bingo website through the mobile browser. They will be redirected to the mobile version of the website. They can be assured of getting quite an awesome experience since they won’t be any much difference them and those using the mobile app to do that.

Mfortune bingo

The bingo in itself brings a lot of fortunes to its players just like the way its name suggests. First of all, when the players decide to register with this bingo by using the mobile app, they are awarded the ‘no deposit bonus’ which is worth €5. Then from there, they stand another chance of being awarded 100% as deposit bonus as long as they make their first deposit which is between €5 and €100.
Apparently, the players can also make their deposits of either €3, €5, or €10 by simply charging the deposits through the phone bill. This is a unique feature that no other mobile bingo has. Even though the players can get the deposit bonus, they are always urged to take their time and go through the terms and conditions that were set aside specifically for this kind of bonus. Otherwise, have a fortunate mobile bingo gaming!